The novice ghost

This is my own version of a cover for the book titled “El fantasma novato” by Manuel L. Alonso, published by Edelvives in their Ala Delta collection. It was one of my favourite children’s books when I was a kid and creating my own version was a fascinating idea.

I also created several interior black and white illustrations for this project:

‘(…) One moment! There, on that wall’ he pointed towards the darkest corner, where Gerardo could not make out anything, and the two approached trying not to block the light.

“El fantasma novato”, Manuel L. Alonso

Two characters look at the word “Neus” written on the wall of a room in ruins
Two children kissing by accident with their ghost friend behind

‘Come on, a little kiss on the cheek.’
The two friends set out to fulfill Gerardo’s wish. And the moment they approached him, he vanished. They could not know, and their lips met emptiness. Gerardo only had to give them a very small push.

“El fantasma novato”, Manuel L. Alonso

Everything happened too fast. Nieves reached the man’s hiding place, he stood up suddenly, she wanted to brake as she turned the handlebars to turn around… and all she managed was to fall to the ground.

“El fantasma novato”, Manuel L. Alonso

A girl who’s fallen from her bike looks scared at someone while her friend on the background looks worried