Natalia Salvador working with her drawing tablet


I’m Natalia, I illustrate for teen, YA and fantasy

(but I’m not afraid to try new things)

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About me

I grew up reading fantasy books and watching adventure films, making up stories and drawing. I can’t remember when I picked up my first pencil, but some of my mother’s books were silent victims of my eagerness to doodle.

I live in Granada, a beautiful city in southern Spain. I enjoy singing and baking, and taking long walks in nature with my dog.

I’ve always admired book covers and interior illustrations and wanted to approach that world by studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

I worked as a graphic designer for several years for both print and digital media. This experience taught me to manage my time and meet my deadlines.

Awards and exhibitions

2021. Illustrators of the Future 1st Quarter winner
2021. Babalunga i kamolongos. International group exhibition (Valencia, Spain)
2022. Babalunga i kamolongos. International group exhibition (Valencia, Spain)